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Best in Show

SheepdogSheeringlrIn attending another dog show yesterday, I tried to picture what this would look like to anyone who has never been to a dog show. Many have seen Westminster or the National Dog Show on Thanksgiving day, but to see a show in person is like entering a whole new world. I am in this world, as I have two show dogs, and in assuming this was no big deal, I took some photos which portray this world of canine competition. I am posting them on my blog with the intent of choosing a few for enlarging and framing in a series entitled “Hopeful Best in Show”. Please let me know your thoughts.

If you live in Southern NH, I am extending an invitation to my Art Reach Art Exhibit in which there will be 8 of my fine art dog photographs from my “Dog Beach Park” series. St Joe’s Hospital, Nashua, NH. Hope to see you there! January 16, 5-7PM.