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Best in Show, cont.
Three Waiting Westies

Three Waiting Westies

I was reviewing the photographs I took at the dog show in Springfield, MA last Sunday. I am so used to being around these beautiful animals, that I tend not to “see” how different they are. These dogs are a special breed in the canine world. They are taught from an early age, how to behave around other (barking) dogs and hordes of people (and of course, the judge). If you stop and take a look around, you’ll see a good number of them just chillen’ on their grooming tables with their owners/handlers no where in sight. Most of them wait patiently on that table for perhaps hours. They just lie down and sleep! Then they tolerate (like my two show dogs) or maybe enjoy, being primped and attended to in preparation for the ring.

If you are a passerby and attempt to pet any of these show dogs, before ring time, the groomer will take off your head. Must wait until after showing off the beautifully coiffed creature, lest you move a carefully adjusted hair. This is protocol, just in case you go to one of these shows. Fact is, it takes a great amount of time to prep many of these breeds. Especially mine, an Old English Sheepdog…my Corgi, not so much.

Today, I show a photo of three very patient West Highland Terriers.