_AlenePortrait4Alene Sirott-Cope is a professional graphic designer, potter, mixed media artist, art director, and art educator. A graduate of Moore College of Art & Design in Philadelphia, PA, Alene majored in Advertising Design with a minor in Photography. She uses her expertise with graphic design concepts, including color, shape, and texture, in all of her pieces. She enjoys experimenting with assorted production techniques and tries to find new combinations that produce interesting 2 and 3 dimensional mixed media art pieces which includes a new line of pet products and gift items consisting of portraits, cards and photography.

My art has evolved many times in a variety of mediums. My newest venture involves alcohol inks. I love the vivid colors and the reaction of the inks when they combine. They take on a life of their own and are quite serendipitous. The outcome is similar to watercolors but can be painted on many different substrates. I use these inks often for pet portrait backgrounds.

Alcohol Inks, a fairly recent form of art medium, was recognized as a scrapbooking tool, but is now utilized in fine art. Alene teaches workshops to introduce this unique form of paint to others who are not familiar with it’s impromptu properties.

In my photographs, my fondness of dogs combined with color usage, technology, and design have allowed me to explore this outlet to illustrate the emotion and devotion that animals possess. My pet portraits strive to portray the character of the subject’s personality.

Alene’s work has been highlighted in publications such as “The Crafts Report”, “Art Calendar” cover, Boston Globe, The Nashua Telegraph, The Hollis Brookline Journal, The Lowell Sun, Funeria “Art Honors Life”, Polymer Cafe magazine and an HGTV segment on “That’s Clever”. Her work appears in galleries, catalogs and gift shops throughout the USA. Selected works are showcased in several polititian and celebrity homes. All purchases may be made at:


www.etsy.com/shop/pawsitive or

contact me directly.


Moore College of Art, Philadelphia, PA.


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